Dr. Myles Samotin of Samotin Orthopedics

Myles Samotin

From a very, very early age Myles Samotin realized that he loved most things musical and that music was a great passion for Myles. Myles Samotin started playing the piano at age 6. Myles also attended the Julliard School of Music during my high school years and actually started as a dual psychology/music major. Myles Samotin performed in the All City Orchestra and was always involved with chamber music and musical theater as well. Myles Samotin started college with the plan of being a psychology major on route to becoming a surgeon and also as a piano major. Myles quickly realized that both goals took 200% effort and the 2 together were not manageable. Mr. Samotin then made the decision that medicine would be his career and music would continue to be a passion. At this point of time, I play the piano mostly for me and my family. Myles Samotin loves classical music, jazz, rock and roll, Broadway, and standards. More recently, Mr. Samotin is asked back every year to play the piano for the Physician’s Talent Show in Collier County and has been thrilled to be a part of this opportunity for many years in a row. Myles have found music to be extremely complimentary to the practice of medicine. As a surgeon, Dr. Samotin likes to work with his hands and clearly playing the piano achieves that, but in a soulful, restful way that allows his brain to give the best to his patients.